Scientific Meditations

The Book of Dzyan

Definition of the Sacred

Descent: A Meditation

Even If I Did Believe

Facts and Phallacies

The Freedom of Doubt

Healing The Spiritual Community

Hekate and the Satanic School

Introduction to Crowley

The Included Middle

A Letter to Close

Pagan History

Pentagram Ritual

The Problems of Syncretism

Tetragrammaton Mass

Theory of Divination

Why Crowley Doesn't Suck

Why I Study Magic

Tim Maroney

is available to read or perform as author, lecturer, or ritualist. He travels frequently and enjoys combining his travel with events.

Tim has edited and introduced his first book, The Book of Dzyan, in which he examines the life and work of famed Russian mystic Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. He is available for readings and signings. These may be accompanied by a lecture and discussion with the audience, and last from forty-five to ninety minutes.

Since 2000 Tim has been a popular public speaker on topics such as “The Contradictions of Crowley.” Tim is now available to present his lecture on “Scientific Meditations”, recapping performances at Pantheacon and Notocon. He is currently developing the lecture into his second book.

When he has appeared for events, Tim has enjoyed working with book retailers, publishers and distributors, occult and pagan conferences and conventions, and bodies of the OTO and EGC. He is open to working with any person of good will and shared interest.

Please send proposals for signings, lectures or other events to

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